A Thankful Testimonial for Project Lifesaver

The best stories are the stories of success and gratitude. We look forward to every single story and email, and pride ourselves to continue to serve the greater good. We are here for you, we are here for them, and anyone in between. What we are doing is what every law enforcement man or woman strives for – bringing loved ones home, in a safely and timely manner. We can only hope to spread the word  and continue to create a net of safety for the ones that need it the most.  Because the best feeling in the world is the look on their face, the tears on your shoulder, and the genuine gratitude from a worried parent or guardian.
Being a hero isn’t the easiest job in the world, but it’s gratifying in a way most will never understand. Be someone’s hero, change the world and protect our people. 

Show the world what you can do. You have what it takes.

“To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Jason Fulghum, and I am a sergeant with a sheriff’s office. I would like to take a moment to thank Project Lifesaver for providing me with the tools and training necessary to save the lives of “wonders”.
On August 26, 2016, I became an Electronic Search Specialist and Instructor. My instructor, Paul Ballance, did a wonderful job, and I found the class to be interesting. I also found I enjoy utilizing the equipment.

My agency is in the fledgling stages of the program and is taking over the reins from Okaloosa Emergency Management. In the interim, Walton County Sheriff’s Office has been preforming tracks in our county.
On September 14, 2016, our agency received notification from Walton County that a client, Larry Claude Bartmess, had wandered off. Leah Snaith, of Walton County Sheriff’s Office, was en route and wanted to know if we wished to participate.

Although we had not received our equipment, we told Snaith we would be en route.

Unfortunately, due in part to the new organization of us taking over the system, and in part due to the client living in the city of Fort Walton Beach, an hour and a half expired prior to us arriving on scene. In that time, twelve to fifteen Fort Walton Beach Police Officers as well as a K-9 unit from our agency had been unsuccessful in locating the client.

When we arrived on scene, Snaith was kind enough to allow me to utilize one of Walton County’s receivers while she utilized the other receiver. A member of Escambia County Search and Rescue also responded with their receiver.
Within seven minutes of deployment, I was able to locate the client. The client was found in a shed in the back yard of a residence 0.4 miles from his last known location. Although the client was sweating profusely, he was in good condition.
Everyone involved in the search, to include the Fort Walton Beach Police Department Chief of Police, were very impressed with the system.

The first words the Chief of Police said to us upon our locating the client was, “Where do I get one of those?”
Again, I would like to thank Project Lifesaver for providing me the training and equipment to better serve my community. One never truly knows how many lives are blessed by one act of honor and duty.”