What is the PLI-1000 Personal Locator System?


The PLI-1000 Personal Locator system is an option for those who reside in an area that is not covered by a Project Lifesaver member agency, or to caregivers who would like the ability to locate their loved one on their own. The PLI-1000 Personal Locator System is a radio frequency based tracking system. It utilizes the same type equipment available to PLS member agencies, modified and specifically calibrated for use by caregivers.

The PLI-1000 Personal Locator System includes:

One PLI-1000 personal receiver with attached Yagi antenna (see above), one nylon case, one preset 216 MHz 60 day transmitter with an oval case, one 9V receiver battery, one year supply of transmitter batteries and bands, one transmitter tester, additional transmitter support accessories and an instructional guide and DVD.

Is the PLI-1000 Personal Locator System Portable?


Yes, you can take the locator system with you. The receiver is lightweight and can fit into a backpack or luggage. It is self-sufficient, and does not require subscriptions, cell coverage, or satellite reception to function.

How do I order my PLI-1000 Personal Locator System?


The PLI-1000 is available to the public through our Project Lifesaver store on our website and to Project Lifesaver member agencies through our PLS database.

For more information or questions about the PLI-1000 Personal Locator System, please contact our Equipment Division at or call 1-877-580-LIFE.