October 2020 Newsletter

Happy Halloween!

The Ambassador’s Column

By Ron Yeaw



Halloween will be celebrated this year on Saturday evening, October 31. Halloween is the night before the November 1st All Saints’ Day, which is also known as the Feast of All Saints or All Hallows’ Day. Originally spelled Hallow’en, Hallowe’en or All Hallowmas (Old English for All Saints’ Day), the occasion is also referred to as All Saints’ Eve or All Hallows’ Eve. The origin of All Saints’ Day can be traced to the Roman Feast of the Lemures. The origin of All Hallows’ Day can be traced to the Celtic festival of Samhain.

Question #1: What food should be most associated with Halloween and why?

Answer #1: A hot dog that has been sliced lengthwise, all of the meat scooped out from inside the skin, and the empty skin returned to it’s original shape… Then it’s a “hollow-weenie”!

Question #2: What is it called when Germans have a hot dog with their beer?

Answer #2: Germans have a “frank-and-stein”!


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