Project Lifesaver International Partners with Loen Engineering in Final Development of Ground Breaking Locating Technology

Loen Engineering’s Star System is expected to revolutionize special needs search and rescue.

(Port Saint Lucie, Florida – January 26, 2018) Project Lifesaver International, in partnership with Loen Engineering, is working to implement a revolutionary locating system for special needs search and rescue (SAR). This game-changing technology has been developed by the engineering team at Loen Engineering Inc.

Known as the Star System, this technology will have capabilities unlike anything currently available through Project Lifesaver or other SAR organizations.

The partnership between Project Lifesaver and Loen Engineering is long-standing, and a number of innovative technologies have stemmed from this close collaboration.

Serving as a principal technology consultant to the special needs SAR organization, Loen Engineering has developed key equipment for Project Lifesaver. The most noteworthy is the receiver payload for the Lockheed Martin Indago UAV.

Much like the introduction of the PLI Indago UAV and drone search compatibility to the Project Lifesaver program, the Star System will afford first responders and caregivers the ability to more effectively determine the location of a missing client who has wandered, enabling them to recover the individual in a more timely manner.

The Star System provides many advantages over current radio locating equipment available today to public safety agencies. The systems benefits and the potential for a more rapid recovery increases when the system is paired with the SAR techniques developed and used by Project Lifesaver member agencies. In addition to the systems enhanced functionality, it is also expected to be less expensive than the radio locating systems currently in use.

“The Star System is unlike anything currently being used,” Andrew Loen, Founder & President of Loen Engineering explains. “We have worked with Project Lifesaver on a number of projects throughout the years to advance technology for protecting special needs populations, and we are looking forward to providing this new and more effective special needs SAR tool to public safety agencies.”

Project Lifesaver is continually improving all aspects of its operations, specifically in relation to the technology and equipment used throughout its program. Its continued advancement efforts play an important role in maintaining the organization’s status as the “Gold Standard in Excellence” throughout the field of special needs SAR, which the organization has held since becoming the first to significantly address elopement among special needs individuals.

“In the words of Steve Jobs, innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” Chief Gene Saunders, CEO & Founder of Project Lifesaver explains. “Project Lifesaver has never faltered in the research and development of both technology and techniques that could better assist us in protecting the individuals we serve. I believe this is among the many components that set Project Lifesaver apart, and though our accomplishments would have made it easy to do, we have never become complacent in our abilities, nor do we ever plan to. I truly believe the Star System will be an absolute game-changer to our current operations, as well as future advancements!”

The Star System will be unveiled later this year at the 15th Annual Project Lifesaver Conference in Orlando, Florida, with an anticipated release date in Early 2019, just in time for Project Lifesaver’s 20th Anniversary. For more details about the 15th Annual Project Lifesaver Conference, please visit

About Project Lifesaver International:
Project Lifesaver is a 501 (C) (3) community based, public safety, non-profit organization that provides emergency responders and caregivers with the equipment and training required to protect and, when necessary, quickly locate individuals with cognitive conditions that cause the propensity to wander, such as those with Alzheimer’s or autism. Through the use of state of the art radio frequency technology, innovative search and rescue techniques, and accredited first response training, Project Lifesaver member agencies have, to date, successfully located in excess of 3,300 special needs individuals during an episode of elopement; the average recovery times for these rescues are less than 30 minutes, which is 95% less time than standard operations.

About Loen Engineering:
Loen Engineering, based in Victoria, BC, Canada, designs and manufactures radio frequency products, and provides creative engineering design and solutions to clients throughout North America.