September 2020 Newsletter

Thank You

From Project Lifesaver


Project Lifesaver extends a thank you to all of those that attended the Project Lifesaver 2020 Hybrid Conference. This year’s conference, “Our Vision for the Future”, was one of the best conferences we have ever had in spite of the many obstacles and unprecedented changes we all faced this year.

With that said, we intend to make your 2021 Project Lifesaver Conference: “The Impact of You” even better! As first responders you have the tough task of assessing life & death situation within minutes. All of us at Project Lifesaver are extremely proud of the PLI member agencies that respond to hundreds of calls each year, and always demonstrate an incredible ability to de-escalate and resolve sensitive situations. Your ability to respond effectively and professionally to such a wide range of situations, while simultaneously being sensitive and compassionate is amazing. You provide so many invaluable, yet so often, unrecognized, support services in your communities.


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