Brad Trahan

Brad Trahan was appointed to the Project Lifesaver International Board of Trustees in September 2009. Brad is the proud father of a son, Reece, who was diagnosed with severe autism in 2003. In addition to his son, Reece, Brad is the proud husband of Joanie and kids; Brenden-11 and Payton 6. With the Trahan family is Reece’s Service Dog, Pudge, placed with Reece in 2007. The Trahan’s live in Rochester, MN. Brad and his wife are founders of the RT Autism Awareness Foundation, Inc. also based in Rochester, MN. Brad also serves as the Executive Director of RTAAF. It has been the personal message of the Trahan’s and also through their foundation that it is critical to Educate, Advocate and bring Awareness to “Autism: The Cause and Affect on the Individual and Family”. Brad spearheaded the legislator’s in the State of Minnesota to write a Legislation introducing “Lifesaver Technology”,  that would allow financial grants for all 87-counties in the State of Minnesota to implement this tracking device technology. While Brad was disappointed this legislation came up just short in 2009, it is felt that there is great momentum to get his legislation passed in 2010. Brad also served as Chair of the Minnesota Senate Autism Task Force from October 2008-March 2009, initiating two public forums in the State of Minnesota and initiating a state-wide public survey. It was simply Brad’s goal to “unite” this cause as one. Brad and Joanie were the recipient’s of the 2004 Kids Day America/International Children’s Empowerment Award for their Outstanding Commitment and Dedication to the Children in their Community. Brad and his wife Joanie also received the Rochester 2005 Mayor’s Medal of Honor for Services “To Those With Disabilities”. RTAAF organizes Autism Awareness Day with the Minnesota Twins and RTAAF has also been accepted into the Minnesota Vikings Charity Network. Heath Farwell #59 Linebacker/Special Teams Minnesota Vikings and Brian Russell #26 Free Safety Jacksonville Jaguars spokespersons for RTAAF.

In addition to the legislation that Brad has had introduced, he has also advocated hard for other legislation in the State of Minnesota that would assist individuals and families dealing with autism including; Insurance coverage for “Medically Prescribed Therapy”, Lowering the cost of Parental Fees, Changing notification of continued Medical Assistance coverage from 3-months to 6-months [to allow families time to set medical appointments for continued coverage] and assisted in getting legislation passed in 2009 for a Joint House-Senate Autism Task Force for 2-years. Brad also assist’s families, when called upon, to advocate for them in public school IEP meetings. Brad and his foundation have been directly responsible for assisting with either monetary funding and or speaking engagements to implement PROJECT LIFESAVER INTERNATIONAL into several Minnesota Counties. Olmsted County MN, where Brad lives, began Project Lifesaver in April 2007 and has grown to approximately 60 clients and it continues to grow rapidly. Through RTAAF, Team 25: Shjon Podeins Children’s Foundation [Former NHL Hockey Player] and THINK Mutual Bank; the three organizations raised $25,000.00 to implement PROJECT LIFESAVER INTERNATIONAL in 7-additional SE Minnesota counties in the summer of 2009. Brad’s hobby during some off-time is having bon fires and socializing with neighbors. Brad also volunteers with his sons youth events and helps in the community whenever he can. However, being a full-time husband, father, employee, and RTAAF Executive Director which involves planning and organizing many events, time is precious. Brad’s favorite quote/saying is, “BELIEVE and you will ACHIEVE!” Brad is humbled and honored to serve on the PROJECT LIFESAVER INTERNATIONAL Board of Trustees.