The Project Lifesaver Orlando Theme Park Sensory Protection Program



The Project Lifesaver Orlando Theme Park Sensory Protection Program is a step in the direction of inclusivity for those with special needs!

This program is specifically designed for special needs families that visit the Orlando-area theme/amusement parks and who come from an area where Project Lifesaver is not being offered.

The families rent the Project Lifesaver transmitter bracelet for the duration of their stay in Orlando.

Then, if their loved one is to wander away, the Osceola and/or Orange County Sheriff’s Department will deploy the Project Lifesaver receivers and track the frequency of the leased bracelet.

child enjoying himself on a carousel
two children riding in theme park plane



In an effort to make fun inclusive and affordable, families that rent the Project Lifesaver transmitter
only pay $10 for every day of their planned trip.

A credit card will need to be on file in case of lost or damaged transmitters.



Families shouldn’t miss out or worry about their loved ones wandering away in the hustle and bustle
of the Orlando-area theme parks. Whether a child is on the Autistic spectrum or a parent has dementia, fun
should be available to all!



To enroll, please reach out to the Project Lifesaver RF Equipment, Operations, and Training Office in Chesapeake, VA.

815 Battlefield Blvd. S
Chesapeake, VA 23322
1-877-580-5433, option 2.

Many times, we have been queried by families wanting to attend the Orlando parks with their loved ones with cognitive situations or special needs but, were not in a Project Lifesaver area. They had a fear their loved one would become lost, especially outside the park boundaries, and not be located. We created this program so they may visit and enjoy the parks with a peace of mind that help is close at hand.
-Chief Gene Saunders, Project Lifesaver CEO & Founder
As President of the Autism Society of Greater Orlando and mother to a 29 year old son with autism, I know the worry and stress that I experience as we go on out of town trips with our family. I often worry about our son getting lost or wandering off. That is why I was very excited to know that Project Lifesaver will be renting devices here in Orlando for visitors to the area. What a relief to parents to know that they can rent a tracking device for their child/teen/adult with autism that can be tracked to their location in the event that they become separated from their parents. Thankfully, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office have the necessary equipment to be able to track a missing child if they are wearing the tracking bracelet. Having a peace of mind that our son is protected would definitely impact my decision as to where to travel.
-Donna Lorman, President of the Autism Society of Greater Orlando