Enroll a Loved One

Why Enroll Your Loved One into Project Lifesaver?


Wandering is a very common behavior among those with cognitive conditions, and in that instance, it is very dangerous, and potentially life threatening. By enrolling your loved one in Project Lifesaver, they will become a part of a community that is dedicated to their safety and well-being, while ensuring that in the event that they wander, they will be located within a timely manner and returned home safely. Project Lifesaver will provide your loved one with an additional layer of protection, which will provide your family with newly found peace of mind.

Ready to enroll your loved one in Project Lifesaver?

There are multiple enrollment opportunities available for you!


Bring Project Lifesaver to Your Community

The Project Lifesaver program saves lives. If there is no Project Lifesaver agency that serves your area, champion this program for your loved one and for others who need this layer of protection. Info packets, brochures, and other promotional items are available at our PLI Product Store. When you share this information with your local first responders, you generate awareness of the needs in your community and a solution for meeting those needs.

Project Lifesaver Enrollment

If your loved one resides in an area that is service by a Project Lifesaver member agency, we encourage you to contact that agency to discuss enrollment. Enrollment options vary from agency to agency; your local Project Lifesaver member agency is the best source of information for your area. To locate the Project Lifesaver member agency that serves your area, please click here, or you may call 1-877-580-LIFE for assistance.

If you have any questions about the available choices to enroll your loved one please contact a Project Lifesaver representative via telephone at 1-877-580-LIFE.