COMMUNITY RESOURCES offers comprehensive resources and guidance on assisted living for individuals with mental health disorders, tailored to a diverse range of cultural and personal needs: Visit provides in-depth information on medical alert systems, outlining the types available, their benefits for seniors, and the extent of Medicare coverage for these systems: Visit hosts a discussion on the potential link between Alzheimer’s disease and gum disease: Visit

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America provides resources, support, and education to individuals living with Alzheimer’s and to their caregivers, promoting optimal care and services: Visit Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

The Autism Society is committed to empowering individuals with Autism and their families through advocacy and support, offering individualized, evidence-based services: Visit Autism Society.

The Navy SEAL Museum honors the history and heritage of the Navy SEALs, providing educational exhibits and programs to share their stories and sacrifices: Visit the Navy SEAL Museum.

Disclaimer: These community resources have not been vetted nor are they endorsed by Project Lifesaver International.